[ARA] 2020-12-18 Work Session





20201218 ARA work session kickoff

  • Celebration
    • Money
    • Process dominance
    • Content dominance
      • Telling people what they need
    • Electronic signature exploration
    • Sleep!
    • Steve update: called and will be discharged on Sunday, tapering off steroids over next month or six weeks. Then Remicade in 2 weeks and 4 weeks after. He’s eating, better in every way. Doesn’t know time of discharge, ARA will arrange Uber.
  • Today’s tasks
    • ARA: Carly project timeline; e-signature testing
    • JB: COD webinar outline; email Mitch and Bruce Sands
  • Homework
    • Remarkable screensharing

20201218 ARA work session debrief

  • Carly project plan
  • Testing Adobe and DocuSign
  • Writing script for Jess
  • JB: COD webinar outline
  • Homework
    • ARA to look into contract boilerplate around hold harmless, indemnify, disclaim…