[ARA] 2021-02-14 Habitat Calls


20210214 ARA 125 Court Street Notes 



  • Concern about over-heating during the summer. How cold does the apartment get? Too hot? 
  • Neighborhood – do I like it? Is this too commercial a part of BK? 
  • Neighbours. how are they? “What are you looking for in a neighbor?”


Terms of lease:

  • YMCA request for two years
  • Lease break penalty – find out and negotiate what this is. 
  • Willing to move in sooner – end of next week? Comp rent for March – ask about this. 
  • Rent increase on new leases – terms? Does the 1.5% apply on existing leases or only for renewal?


Signing lease

  • Need to provide two years income tax returns since I work for myself. This means I need to finish and file my taxes for the most recent year? Not yet done 
  • Could provide previous two years. And get statement from accountant for this year. 


Old apartment lease situation  

  • Can I break lease early? Split rent for March?
  • How to get refund on deposit? 


Moving potential checklist 

  • Find moving company – dumbo movers? 
    • Pack up the kitchen and intimates and money myself. 
    • Leave rest for movers. Careful with framed art work 
  • Empty and close storage unit. Get rid of things. 
  • Buy a dining table, chairs, bedframe, chest of drawers. And an area rug. 



  • Fairy: schedule visits with maya. Travel to midtown. They may move to crown heights possibly, so then they will be close. 
  • Jess netball: schedule weekly meetings. Invite for dinner when safe. 
  • Judith: have dates when covid opens up.