[ARA] 2021-02-19 Project Call




20210219 ARA checkin

  • Adobe Sign
    • Right clicking to get naked URL is only necessary in testing scenarios where the agreement sender is logged in to the browser
    • Otherwise, logged in users get a prompt to open as logged in user, or as the intended recipient
    • If you click to receive as the logged in user, not the intended recipient, the Adobe history shows that you “delegated” the signing to the logged in user.
    • Add to manual – download the PDF; and take a screenshot of history for each agreement before canceling subscription.
    • ARA to simplify manual, and publish as a Word doc with proper metadata (tags and date)
  • Apartment hunting
    • One bedroom on 25th floor of 420 West 42nd Street
      • Not as good a view
      • Would be happier in current apartment than this one
      • Get a price quote
    • Break lease if moving into one of their apartments
      • What is the new term?
  • COD