[ARA] 2021-02-25 Project Call




20210225 ARA Project Call

  • Celebration
    • Bought a chair and a rug
    • Decision: clarity on needing more space, moving!
    • Defensive maneuver to mitigate possible ethical damage – gave money back, ended contract. Trauma avoided.
    • Viewing more apartments and recognizing value of 125 Court Street
  • SOS Dashboard
    • Self-Care
      • Good presleep ritual
      • Reached for phone at 4:30
      • Eating – need to do better
      • Begin Kon-Marie for move
  • Homework
  • Habitat
    • 125 Court Street – highly organized
      • Slightly presumptuous – prizing?
  • Marketing
  • Finance
    • Academic Honor Code
      • Research a template/standard honor code
      • Incorporate it into future contracts along with more indemnification language
  • Babymaking
  • Homework
    • Stop lying (e.g. don’t tell people you don’t have cash)
    • Get a copy of the lease; request lower termination fees. But liability is in your control so that’s good.
    • Reflect on strategy: agree to pay back concessions but don’t accept any (or insist on 1 or 2) month penalties for breaking the lease