[ARA] 2021-06-10 Project Call



20210610 10:30 am ARA Project Call

  • Celebrations
    • Ear piercings – in times of stress, crisis, change. Represent the idea of living fully. Don’t delay small joys.
      • Leveling up to my true level of piercingness
      • Form of self care
    • Medication compliance
    • Eating better, two meals a day
    • Going for walk every evening
    • Meditating every morning and evening
    • Writing in journal
    • Wearing a bindi
  • Marketing
    • Robbins contract – sent address
    • Had a call with Mechners and Tobi
      • Discussing successes and challenges
      • Tobi now enjoying process of learning
      • Concern for next year: dealing with schedule
    • Mia on waitlist. Graduated. ARA to schedule call with Lisa.
      • If hard no at Michigan, she may go to BU
      • ARA to schedule a call with Lisa
    • Aitkenheads – rediscovery call
    • JB question
    • “I have to tackle these tasks… freedom depends on it”
    • Massive anxiety across a lot of aspects of life – future, personal life, aunt’s health, mum, brother
  • Finance
  • Homework
    • Draft development plan for Tobi – SOMI – based on transcript/recording of rediscovery call
    • Two homework tasks
      • Task 1 – see recording, JB forgets
      • Task 2 – open tickets with Vimeo or Wistia asking how to write back to AC the status of whether/how much someone has watched a video in your funnel.