For Your Eyes Only!

Welcome to my market research interviewees.

Here you can preview a first draft of the webinar I have created to publicize my High Margin Tutoring program.

Later versions will be open to the public. This one is for your eyes only.

After reviewing the video, you can follow links below to schedule a free strategy session, as described below.

My presentation occupies the first 27 minutes, of this video, and then we did 25 minutes of Q&A.


Webinar recorded 9/12/19


Free Strategy Call for You

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This webinar included a Q&A for all participants. Normally my pre-recorded marketing webinar will conclude with an invitation for qualified viewers to book a strategy call with me, to cover questions individually, and to acquire three key insights:

1. Clarity on your financial model

Exactly what is the right mix of income and effort for you to achieve your goals for your financial security (income) and passion projects (effort)?

I will serve as your accountability partner to put the numbers in writing and make sure they pencil out.

2. The best source of leverage for YOU

Everyone is looking for leverage in their practice.

You may not know there is more than one way to achieve leverage, and you probably have not thought deeply enough about which leverage model best fits your strengths and desires.

I will diagnose the right source of leverage for YOU.

3. Next steps for value-based leverage

If value-based leverage is right for you, I will prescribe your next steps in achieving it, based on your financial model and the overall condition of your practice.

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Welcome to my fractal world

Why am I doing this for free, for you?

One of the fun things about my (business) tutoring practice is that I practice EXACTLY what I preach for academic tutors.

Everything about my sales and marketing to MY audience is based on the same High Margin Tutoring principles that I teach my students and clients to deliver to YOUR audience.

This kind of structured phone call is one of the 8 pillars of my methodology, and exactly what you should be doing with your audience. (So is the recorded webinar, the indication of interest form, etc etc.)

When you conduct calls with qualified members of your intended audience, you deliver value with low effort. That’s good for prospective clients, and a reasonable investment for you. And you get to screen your audience and hone in on your ideal clients.


Accidental Tutor, Accidental Clients.

Currently, you chat informally with whoever contacts you based on word of mouth.  Mostly you wonder where your next client is coming from, when they’ll arrive, and how things will turn out when you deliver an entirely verbal offer based on your hourly rate and customary services.


Intentional Tutor, Intentional Clients

I have a method, based on research and evidence in multiple service industries, to systematize your client attraction, acquisition, and service.


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