2020-07-01 Marty Diamond


20200701 UCSF Marty Diamond

  • Discussed conversation with benefactors
  • Marty tasks:
    • Thought about David Hayes-Batista – it’s been 15 years. Left a message
    • Reached out to Nancy Grand – have not heard back (it’s been 6 years). Be patient.
  • 1971-1977 diversity initiatives at Johns Hopkins
  • Lack of progress
  • UC Regents – UC system wide – low % African American and Latinx
  • CSU grads may not have been as competitive
  • Marty now thinking of a new contact, Clifton Louie, retired from UCSF 10 years ago. PharmD. Associate Dean of Pharmacy, VP of Medical Center in Operations area.
    • Marty and Clifton created a curriculum for training pharm leaders at Kaiser
    • Add him to advisory board? Big data guy. Wonderful team player.
  • Marty has a good friend, retired physician, now in Davis. Knows students who are homeless or food deprived
  • Friend in Davis started telemedicine program for the State. Now may be Dean. Marty will track down his name.
  • People won’t remember the slides, but they’ll remember the passion, and stories