2020-07-01 UC PHC CoPI



20200701 UC CoPIs

  • Cypress Community College
    • Rebecca Gomez, Terri Wheeler
    • Good people
    • Terri, Director of Nursing,
    • Rebecca is Dean, worked for LA County DOPH
    • They get it, they’re on board
    • Manage in COVID-19
      • Devices, workspace
      • Access for students to check out computers
      • Providing hotspots for students without bandwidth
      • Telehealth is future anyway!
    • All of their prior placements have been in person – hospitals don’t want students any more
    • They have students who fit the profile
  • Olivia: huge fan of community college pipeline
  • JB: discuss OPHAC and LCOE pipeline
    • Donor impatience
    • Enrich diversity with donor support, and stipends?
  • Naveen: also impatient to start, get funding from system
  • Olivia: feel the students would need to be paid
    • Target group will need income, otherwise they will work multiple jobs
  • Olivia: leadership have not been able to fund-raise for scholarships. They are hesitant. [So we may face
    • Also need funding for staff time. Budgets are tight.
  • Olivia: set up a call with Hendry Ton as soon as we have MOU signed. Reshma’s boss is Greg Maynard
  • Olivia: Davis now has a strategic plan for anti-discrimination/anti-racism
  • JB to send case statement to Naveen for UCLA development