2020-09-02 UC PHC CoPI



20200902 UC PHC CoPI

  • Agenda
    • UCSF update – 245 applicants
      • 31
      • Oct 5 – start date OPHAC
      • Need to be aware of laws and regulations around hiring and admissions (Prop 209)
      • Workaround is holistic review with mission-driven criteria
      • Can also use low income – e.g. household income below the poverty line
    • Patient Health Advocates discussion
      • Founded by students – two medical students – for undergrads to gain health care experience
      • When they left, undergrad took over and rebuilt the program
      • Started in 2002 in current form
      • Also pre-law students – Welfare 101
      • Added premeds in 2005
      • 180 undergrad volunteers, 60 in program
      • Two parts – 30 create resources for patients (educational materials)
      • 30 are in clinics interviewing patients and providing resources created by first group
      • Clinic in Santa Monica, (FQHC, UCLA clinic have not worked out)
      • Qualtrics soc determinants survey – food, mental health, dental, etc needs
      • Students get training (10 weeks?)
      • Naveen described JB thoughts, California Commission
      • Interested – underrepresented students in mix
      • (Other program focuses more on academic prep for UR students)
      • UCLA leadership – extend current program rather than start a new one
      • Two barriers – secure resources (they can administer students); issue with compliance (compliance will not give students access to EPIC system). Surveys etc happening outside EPIC.
      • Partnership with UC Riverside – where they have full access
      • JB: Population Health is potentially the key innovation here – as a high volume clinical site
      • Next steps: good to speak with PHA, get JB connected with them (Alice Kuo); UCLA leadership prefers not to start up a new program;
    • Care Extenders
    • UCD
      • Olivia: idea to reach out to health plans to fund-raise the stipends, while we wait for Davis to get Pop Health organized (March 2021?).
      • Talk to Mercedes who runs PrepMedico – extend this program. Natural progression of that program.