[TDC] 2021-03-02 TDC Principals



20210302 TDC Principals

  • Agenda
    • Review Haden price increase letter?
    • Recap strategy
    • Discuss next steps
      • Leads coming in to JB for workshops, webinars
      • Handoff of CRM data from Pipedrive
        • Nick can help with Practifi imports and tracking
        • Brett and Travis – to triage the leads
  • Barry
    • Original impetus for hiring Kevin – retiring partners. Steve stayed on extra year.
    • Consultant for turbulent times, 10 to 8 to 6 partners
    • Fair amount of dysfunction among 6 at the time
    • Kevin and JB helped dynamic of coalescing
    • “Pushing the string” is fairly accurate
    • No formal renewal in mind
    • Haven’t discussed handoff
    • Satisfied for the most part
    • Pointed out some things that need improving
    • So much work with stimulus stuff – get through tax season, new guidance
    • Outsource some of it