2020-07-08 UC PHC CoPI




  • Confirming upcoming meetings – Hendry
    • On track – August 13 to be confirmed
    • Agenda then will be to discuss Pop Health (MOU and ask) and fundraising
    • Olivia meeting with Greg Maynard CIO – set up time to talk in late August
      • Doug is CMO
      • Greg is Reshma’s boss
  • Debriefing Cypress status
    • Naveen spoke with both Terri and ?
    • JB spoke with Terri
    • All on the same page
    • JB emailed everyone
  • JB progress on case statement for philanthropy
    • What is number for African Americans in California? (Residents, physicians)
    • Bias and racism and better care
    • Patients see providers who look like them
    • Naveen – can use health plan funding earlier! SCAN Health Plan has a Foundation. Trained skilled nursing facilities in
    • JB: dual track approach to raise money from individual philanthropy, then
    • Population Health tends to follow other campuses
      • Pipeline for ourselves
    • Naveen: UCLA has 30-40 care coordinators; our team has 400,000 lives
    • UC system looking for leveraging other campus infrastructure
  • Olivia
    • Concerned about funding on UC Davis side
    • We have a lot of pipeline initiatives (although not multi-year)
    • Olivia talked to leadership group about presenting to Development
      • Objection: not getting enough scholarships, that’s more of a priority
      • Need grant support
      • In Sacramento, less wealth than Bay Area
  • Naveen back July 21
    • Case statement ready